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Where to drink coffee in Seattle that’s not Starbucks

One of the things that Seattle is best know for is coffee. Sure, our city is home to Starbucks and Seattle’s Best but it doesn’t mean that you need to rely on these corporate giants to caffeinate you during your visit. Here is a list of small indie roasters and coffee shops that are worth a visit to.

These great places are serving coffee from a local roaster Herkimer Coffee:

Herkimer Coffee Shop and Roaster 7320 Greenwood Ave N – Seattle, WA 98103

Analog Coffee 235 Summit Avenue East – Seattle, WA 98102

Porchlight Coffee and Records 1318 E Pike Street Seattle, WA 98122

Coffee made from beans roasted by another great local roaster Fonté Coffee can be found here:

Fonté Cafe and Wine Bar 1321 First Ave Seattle, WA 98101

Joe Bar Cafe 810 E Roy St  Seattle, WA 98102

Another local classic Victrola Coffee Roaster has three cafe locations:

310 E Pike Street Seattle, WA

411 15th Avenue E Seattle, WA

3215 Beacon Ave. S. Seattle, WA


A directory of some great places in Seattle