In Seattle, what does one do with a vacant store front of a downtown building that is going to be demolished?  Install a temporary art gallery.  That is exactly what curator Paul Pauper did when he created Form/Space Atelier, a gallery dedicated to “art, space and urban form.”


When architecture conglomerate Intracorp decided to buy the building on 1915 2nd Ave to make stylish new condominium residences, the alternative to leaving the space empty during the purgatory between blueprints and actual construction was to create a place dedicated to form and space and exploring how these two things interact in the world of art.


The new gallery has a unique opportunity to show how art imitates life, how in one instance a work of art or a structure is created and in another how they are demolished, maybe not as fast.  There is a great range of artists who have already displayed their works on the large white walls of the open space.  Some of them include: Cult of Youth, Julia Gfrorer, Jeff Jacobson and Jonelle R Lind.  This month Form/Space Atelier will exhibit work from Wanda Pelayo, Amjad Faur and Signe Drake and have an opening during the First Thursday walk on March 1st.


Those involved with Form/Space Atelier have a sense of thrilling urgency and desire to explore the potential that art has within a pressing time frame.  There is a hunger for conversation about the construction of form, what it means to make space for new projects and how this fits in the time line of our fast pace society.  There could not be a better setting for such a talk.


- Seattle Figure Drawing Group meets at the gallery the 15th of each month.

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