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Gottman Institute

Dr. John Gottman’s name is recognized in college class rooms and marriage counseling sessions around America ever since his memorable work in 2000 with the “Love-lab,” where researchers determined the probability of divorce in a couple based on a series of questions following sociologist Studs Terkel’s method.  Gottman and his colleagues’ achievement of 87 percent accuracy in determining whether a couple would stay together or not, was monumental because through scientific proof couples could see exactly what and what not to do to keep their marriages alive.


Dr. Gottman is recognized and highly decorated for his work in mental health and family psychology research.  He has also written five books including New York Times Bestseller, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  He has been a guest on many television programs including “Today” and “Oprah.”  This is because of his effective and clinically tested expertise on how people need to interact with one another in order to create lasting bonds.


Co-founder and Dr. Gottman’s wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman is the leader of the Institute’s Relationship Clinic.  Her speciality in working with distressed and trauma clients have earned her a place as one of the most unique and desired opinions on key issues including same-sex marriage and the affects of poverty on children.


The Gottman Institute, founded by both Dr. Gottman and Dr. Schwartz Gottman, continues the work of the 2000 study, taking its findings one step further and teaching couples how to have a healthy marriage before problems start.  The institute sponsors workshops covering topics concerning marriage, how to incorporate children in a couple’s life and how to raise an emotionally healthy child.  There are also opportunities to have private therapy sessions or participation in a research study.

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